Dominant schoolgirl humiliates her class mate

She asked him to stay after the school to help Her with homework, but he had no idea what were Her plans. She undressed, collared and leashed him and started to give him humiliating orders. Be sure to click on a photo above if you like schoolgirl Femdom and visit Class 5b.

Brutal strap on dildo fucking

Tightly restrained with leather and steel, he was absolutely helpless and vulnerable. Goddess Nyomi Banxxx fucked his pathetic ass with a huge strap on dildo while he was begging Her like a girl to stop. Did She stop? Of course not, She fucked him even harder. Click on a photo above to visit Divine Bitches to see more humiliating Femdom videos.

Male slave licks Her feet

Her silky feet needed to be clean and it was slave’s duty to keep them clean. Be sure to click on a photo above to see this great foot fetish scene and visit Divine Bitches.

Collared and spanked

Chained and collared, he was ordered to get down on all four with his ass up so Mistress could properly spank him. She tested several whips and other spanking tools on his whole body while he had to be quiet no matter how much it hurt. For more spanking Femdom scenes be sure to click on a photo above and visit Divine Bitches.

Three pathetic male slaves are overpowered by Maitresse Madeline

Tied, blindfolded and gagged, the three slaves didn’t actually know how many of them were in the room while Maitresse Madeline was brutally punishing all of them almost at the same time. Click on a photo above to see this cruel Femdom movie.

Lady Victoria Valente enjoys foot licking from a slave

It was the perfect time to relax for Lady Victoria Valente. And what else could compliment relaxation more than a male servant who will lick Her feet while She rests? Click on the photos above for this great foot licking video.

Three Mistresses are ready to torture blindfolded and mummified slave

Just as Lady Natalie Black brought a blindfolded and mummified slave into the room, other two Mistresses unknown to a slave were ready to torture him. One mummified and blindfolded slave had absolutely no chance against the three cruel Mistresses. Click on a photo above to see the whole Femdom movie.

Two slaves begging to serve Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Two pathetic male slaves wanted to serve Mistress Eleise de Lacy but She told them that for that they would have to prove that they are worthy, obedient and disciplined so they had to pass various tests where they got degraded and humiliated. If you would like to see the whole Femdom movie with lots of humiliating scenes, be sure to click on a photo above and visit Femme Fatale Films.

Office ballbusting

There is a zero tolerance when it comes to making a mistake in Mistress Eleise de Lacy’s office and this new guy didn’t know that. Be sure to click on a photo above to see how brutally Mistress Eleise has punished this new pathetic guy from the office.

Worship my boots before I fuck you with a strap on!

Mistress Eleise de Lacy entered the room where male slave was waiting hooded, collared and patiently on his knees. He seemed to be all excited when he saw a huge strap on dildo on Mistress Eleise. However, strap on fucking of his pathetic ass by Her needed to be earned so he had to clean Her thigh high boots by licking them. To see more humiliating Femdom movies with Mistress Eleise de Lacy be sure to click on a photo above.

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